About Us

Who We Are

Blask Photography is a photography business based in Painesville, Ohio that also serves the Cleveland and Erie areas. We are a husband and wife photography team with 20 years of experience in the photography industry.

Our Mission

Quite often, our job is to capture and preserve special moments. This is the philosophy we bring on your wedding day. As professionals, we understand moments are both natural and created. It’s our job to find the right balance, so you can enjoy your wedding day. We will help guide through the whole process before and on your wedding day. All you have to do is show up and we will take care of the rest.We are very passionate about we do. With over 20 years of experience, there isn’t much we can’t do. Learning new techniques is integral to our craft, so we can provide you the best possible service.


About The Owner

Since I can remember, the arts have always captured my soul. Whether it was going to a museum to look at the classics or listening to a beautiful song. There is something so transcendent about immersing oneself into the beauty of life. For me it connects my soul to something greater that I can’t explain.

Photography is how I choose to express myself and share the beauty of the world others. I have had a passion for the art for longer than I can remember. As a teenager, I was blessed to have the opportunity to learn the art of film and have access to a dark room.

After high school, I entered the service and went down a different path for a while. Years later I rekindled my passion again as I entered the digital age of photography. I worked full time and went to back to school for the arts. I now hold multiple degrees and certificates in Graphic Design and Photography. I am just about as passionate about graphic design as I am about photography.

While I make my living from the both, I do have hopes that I will change someone’s world someday. I hope that I will create a piece of art that will have a positive effect on someone’s day or even life. I wish to pass the gift that has been passed onto me through so many others art.

Yours Eternally

JimBlask – Lead Creative Ninja